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Mason Competitive Cyber is a cybersecurity organization at George Mason University with the intention of spreading cybersecurity education and workforce development largely through training and subsequent competition.


Our next meeting is at Johnson Center Meeting Room G on April 21 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. Details are registered on GetConnected.

In addition our calendar is available here.

So What Actual Competitions?

In addition to competitions listed on we intend to consider the following events (in person ones largely being in the Spring, contingent on their occurence and logistical feasibility) in no particular order:

  1. NCL - Online - Seasonal
  2. Metropolis - In Person
  3. CCDC is contingent on if we are allowed to get any control of the roster from the IT Department
  4. MDC3 - Maryland Cyber Challenge - Online, then In Person - Currently on break due to huge errors last year
  5. VT Summit - In Person - Not always 100% annual
  6. Various open BSides events like NetWars
    Ignore the pricetags, that's not how BSides works at alll
  7. CSAW - Online, Finals In Person (actually attainable)
  8. Cyberlympics - Online, Finals In Person
    Bottom of the list for excessive use of the word cyber and odd progression structure
In addition to any other that spring up like how UMBC is in talks to throw a CTF and how GMU has previously thrown a CTF themselves.
We also have not ruled out throwing our own events and have spoken with the IT Security Office on necessary approvals to have


Please contact Michael Bailey at mbaile18 at to request details pertaining to sponsoring Mason Competitive Cyber. Tentative offerings are here (PDF) but are subject to change so please confirm.

Membership and Constitution

Our constitution is hosted on GetConnected as is our organization.


The most important method of communication is our mailing list Slack. Hit us up on Slack, Facebook, or Twitter.


We haven't agreed to any yet, but see above if you're interested!